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Enter the world of Ulož.to Disk - the best cloud storage for your files. Store your data securely, manage it and share it easily with others wherever you are in the world. Don't want to sign up right away? Try it without signing in.

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Enough space

Ulož.to Disk offers you 50 GB of free storage space, which is enough space for most users to store documents, photos, videos, audios and other types of files.


Secure cloud

Your files are stored on Ulož.to Disk's secure servers and are protected from loss or damage. The service uses the latest technology so your files are always protected from unauthorized access.

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Easy sharing

The platform allows you to quickly and easily share files and folders with anyone, anytime and anywhere. As its users, you have the ability to set file sharing permissions so you can decide who has access to your files.

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Modern apps

Always have your files at your fingertips. With our apps, you can upload, download or share files from any device with an internet connection, and thanks to the automatic backup of Ulož.to Disk for Windows, your local files are automatically copied to the cloud.

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Choose the plan that is best for your needs

If you don't use a lot of data, you can choose the "Free" plan, which offers 50 GB of free space. For more demanding users, we recommend the "Premium" plan with 1 TB of storage. If you are a company and want more capacity, you can use the "Business" plan, which offers up to 5 TB of space. Interested in our prices? Start storing and sharing your files with Ulož.to Disk today!

For casual users
50 GB
For heavy users
1 TB
6 € / Monthly
For businesses
5 TB
On request


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Whether you're on the road, in the office or at home, our cloud storage gives you the reliability, security and flexibility you need. Join us and start enjoying the benefits of cloud storage with guaranteed data storage in the Czech Republic!

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