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Ulož.to Disk (Sync)

Synchronize data on your device with Disk. The application is currently only available to users with an active Ulož.to Disk PREMIUM plan (a FREE version is being prepared).

Not sure how to install or set up the app? Take a look at the easy-to-follow instructions.

Having trouble with the app? The most common problems will help you, but feel free to write to us.

Automatická synchronizace

Automatic synchronization

Put your worries behind you! Once you set everything up, that's all you do. Synchronisation between your device and the Ulož.to cloud runs automatically in the background. You don't have to worry about a thing. The backed-up files are accessible from all your devices.

Bezpečný přístup

Secure access

We guarantee that the application meets the most recent security protocols, ensuring the safety and security of your data. Your information is kept confidential and is stored solely in the Czech Republic.

Snadné ovládání

Easy to use

Clarity. Intuitiveness. Simplicity.
These are synonyms for the app. It is set in a modern design and can be used by literally anyone. A visual traffic light shows you at a glance where you stand with backups.

Rychlé stahování

Fast download

The Ulož.to Disk sync app not only offers fast in-app backups, but also includes a 1TB package that can be used for anything. You can easily share your uploaded files and the person with the link will also be able to download at maximum speed.