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W celu filtrowania treści nieodpowiedniej dla młodszych użytkowników, prosimy o potwierdzenie pełnoletności: TAK, mam ponad 18 lat NIE, jestem młodszy

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The Western Elites are poking both the Bear and the Panda at the same time looking for a confrontation....all the while the American sheeple are asleep and "entertained" by a constant flow of "Panem e Circenses" in the form of SmartPhones and Credit.... I don't see ONE SINGLE American citizen bitching about the 21 TRILLION dollars of THEIR money missing from the Pentagon's and HUD's coffers.... OUTRAGEOUS!!! This event ALONE should lead the American Citizens to a TAX REVOLT and ultimately to REGIME CHANGE.... yet, NOTHING....I'm sure they'll be all ready to file their tax forms in April to get their measly returns.... pathetic!
Forget China, the Evil is a lot closer than you think smile

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USA is always whining about China, they have outsourced most of it's industrial base to China and other places simply to maximise their profits, most of it's industrial base is gone leaving the ordinary americans jobless, all this is simply blowback. Accusing China of stealing tech is extreme hypocritical, the USA still occupying countries like South Korea, Japan, Germany and Italy, against the will of their populations who have absolute no say in this matter, with more Deep-State+Espionage assets than military in those countries with their main objectives Industrial Espionage AKA stealing Technology + permanent political meddling 24/7 for decades. smile smile smile

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Your guest didn't mention the court case in Italy where Apple was fined I forget how many millions for deliberately slowing down their older IPhones with updates and make them malfunction in various ways so customers would go out and buy newer I Phones. Apple claimed this slowdown and various malfunctions in the older models was an unintended consequence and unexpected byproduct of the updates which improved the newer models. Similar lawsuits are going on in Europe and the US.
THIS is a major aspect pf why Apple stock is tanking. Plus the Chinese competitor Huawei is putting out a much superior product.

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The Duran Quick Take: Episode 50.

Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan issued a crushing rebuke against U.S. national security advisor John Bolton over his pledges to ensure Turkish non-aggression against the American backed Kurds in Syria.

Erdogan's said on Monday that, “We [Turkey] cannot accept Bolton’s messages given from Israel” adding that Bolton made a “serious mistake”...a statement that left many U.S. warmonger neocon's stunned

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris take a quick look at Turkish President Erdogan's forceful shut down of war hawk John Bolton on Syria.

What does this mean for the NATO allies, for the Kurds who are now seeking to reconcile with Damascus, and for Russia, which appears to have firmly positioned its partners in Syria, to work towards a diplomatic solution to America's failed regime change war.

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Excellent stuff once again. The Duran is definitely one of the best listens on Y o
utu , never fails to be enlightening and interesting.

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris take a quick look at news

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