Greenmania (beta)

Greenmania is a fun game for all registered Ulož.to users. Grow happy plants, collect as many species as possible and become the greatest gardener. As a bonus, for every plant you grow, you will also get a Data Package for Fast download.


Each plant needs at least 0,5 litre of water to grow, and you can get water in many different ways. Sometimes it just rains. Other times you might like a file, chat with another user or send your friends photos from your last trip together.


And how does it all work?


  • visit the Garden page, where the whole game happens
  • you will be able to view your water level
  • Greenmania must be turned on before use (can be turned off in the Settings)
  • collected water appears approximately every Wednesday, but if there has been heavy rain, it can also appear at other times as well
  • to water and grow a plant you need at least 0,5 litre of water, or more for some plants
  • you can not tell exactly which plant you will grow, it is always a surprise, for you and for her
  • as a gift with your new plant you will also receive a random bonus in the form of a Data Package for Fast download
  • the new plant will be moved to your Garden at the bottom of the page, where you will see how many of that species you already have
  • greyish plants with a question mark indicate plants that you do not have in your collection yet
  • next to the water barrel and its status, you can also see the game level and title you have achieved as a gardener
  • the more species and number of rare plants you have, the better you are
  • all water evaporates at some point, so beware, because in two years your water may be gone
  • when the wind picks up from time to time and brings new seeds, new, rarer and more challenging plant species can appear...


So, now you know all the essentials and we wish you to grow your your Garden as speedily as possible.