Frequently Asked Questions

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Why the switch suddenly, from Ulož.to to Ulož.to Disk?

This is part of a long-term strategy to offer our users a solid foundation of a stable and trusted cloud platform. Existing users don't lose anything and instead gain many long-needed and interesting features.

Why the change in the search method?

More search engines are now available. In the search box, select the icon from the menu and choose the search engine that suits you best.
This change responds to adjustments in EU legislation and reverting the original search engine is no longer an option.


Who will see my files? What is file availability?

On Ulož.to Disk you can set 3 different availability levels for your files:

  1. Public: The public file is fully accessible to everyone and can be found on public search engines.
  2. Via link: A file shared via a link will not appear on public search engines. However, anyone with a share link can access it. This can be found on the File detail or directly in My Files.
  3. For me only: Indicates your private file. You will only see it when you are logged in to your user account and no one else can access it.

How do I set who can see my file? Where do I change the availability of a file?

You can already set the availability of the file when uploading - who will see it. You can change the properties of your file, including availability, at any time on the File detail or in My Files. Note that you can only change the properties of your own files!

Are the photos of my family and especially my children safe on the Ulož.to Disk?

Files as such, sure, but you probably don't want to show pictures of your kids in the bath or by the sea to everyone.
If you upload especially naked children to the internet, always remember to protect them from prying eyes. To do this, simply set your children's files and folders as private or shared via a link and password protect them. We recommend setting a password whenever your children are partially or fully exposed!

Is it reasonable for me to upload personal photos and videos as an anonymous user?

This option still exists, but we really don't recommend it for files of this nature!
You cannot mark anonymous files as private, and in case of a mistake or moving the file to another service, you have no control over it. So for personal photos and videos, we always recommend working only as a logged-in user who has all these options available.

Why do you need to know if I'm over 18?

This information is used to identify advertising content and, for example, adverts for alcohol or tobacco products are not shown to youths.

Plans, Subscriptions and Data Packages

Is Ulož.to Disk available for free?

Yes, Ulož.to Disk in the FREE version is available for free. You can upload, share and download files. As a registered user, you can manage your files for free.

Slow downloads for free are limited to 300 kB/s and you cannot download multiple files at once. If you're tired of waiting, you can buy a Data package or upgrade to one of the plans and take advantage of Fast Download, which is limited only by the speed of your internet connection.

What are the benefits of paid plans on Ulož.to Disk?

Paid PREMIUM, MAX and BUSINESS plans offer user comfort in many ways. They allow monthly and annual recurring automated credit card payments (aka supscriptions), offer high volumes of guaranteed disk space, a generous monthly FUP for Fast downloads and an extra mode for additional backup of all data. In addition, the Ulož.to Disk Sync app for Windows offers a convenient way to sync your PC with the Ulož.to cloud.

Why can't I prolong my Ulož.to Disk PREMIUM or MAX?

If you have an active subscription, the service will be automatically renewed and charged to the payment card you provide.
In case you have purchased the service as a one-time subscription, you can subscribe for a maximum of 2 consecutive periods.
You may switch from a one-time Disc to a subscription. Unused periods will be compensated to you in the form of a discount on your first payment. You can only order a longer period than your current subscription.

How long is the Data Package valid for?

Data Packages are normally valid for 2 years from activation by direct purchase or by using a Gift Voucher. Packages from marketing promotions may have different validity depending on the specific offer.
Approximately two weeks prior to the expiration of the Data Package, we will notify you by email and Notification so that you have time to use up the expiring data.

I had an active Data Package in the past, but no longer have one. How is this possible?

First, make sure that you are actually using the same user account on which the Data Package was actually activated. Then, in the Statistics section, you will find information on whether it has already expired or not.

Will the validity of one Data Package be extended by activating another package?

No, the validity of your current data will not change with the activation of the new Data Package. Each Data Package has its own expiry date, which cannot be changed. You can find their history on the Statistics section.

Why are some payment methods more expensive than others?

The different payment methods on Ulož.to Disk are operated by different providers and through different technical channels. The processing fees charged by the provider of the payment method are then added to the single price.

I have transferred the money to your account, but I still don't have the plan/Data Package/Gift Voucher. When will it show up?

Normal bank transfer takes 1-3 working days. Weekend payments often arrive in our account on Monday at the earliest. If you are in a hurry to make a payment, we recommend that you use the Card Payment where processing is instantaneous.

I still don't have the ordered service for payment made and I have been waiting for 3 days. Where is the problem?

Please check that all details have been entered correctly and email our support team who will try to find a solution with you. When filling out the form, please provide as much specific information as possible (VS, account number...), please also attach the payment confirmation from your bank.

I am a VAT payer based outside the Czech Republic. I would like an invoice for the purchase. How should I proceed?

To issue a tax invoice, please contact us via the Contact Form with this request and the VAT number of the invoiced entity in international format within 20 days of the purchase. We will then prepare and send the invoice back to you.

Online video playback (streaming)

How does online video playback work? Is it possible to download such a file?

Some files on the Ulož.to Disk are available for online playback. This does not change the ability to download them.
You can normally play short videos up to 10 minutes in length for free, longer ones for data from Data Packages or plans. When you start playing, you'll be charged the same amount of data as when you download the file. You can then download or replay the file for which you were charged for free for the next 24 hours.

Why don't I have online playback for all videos?

Only certain video formats are suitable for online playback (streaming). The video must also be of adequate quality, size and length. Public videos up to 10 minutes in length are automatically converted. However, every conversion attempt may not be successful.

I can't play the free preview for streaming videos. Is there a solution?

See if playing the preview works in another browser (such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari). A persistent problem may indicate a system time error in your operating system. So try synchronizing it to the correct one (for example, using

Can I add my own subtitles to an online video?

Yes, you can add or change subtitles for online video playback within the blue video player.

Online video playback has multiple audio tracks. How can I switch them?

Unfortunately, for video streaming, there is only one audio track available at any time. To switch, you need to download the original video file and use your local media player to do so. You can download an already streamed file for data for 24 hours for free without consuming any additional data and at maximum speed.

Downloading and adding to Disk

Fast Download (using data) is slow. What can I do?

Please take a speed test and send us a URL link to the measurement result that you can find below the page or in the address bar after the test is complete.

Do you notice slow downloads on multiple files or just on single one? Can you send us a specific link to a file that downloads slowly? Please send the complete link from the download manager (in most browsers, press [CTRL] + [J] to invoke the context menu for copying the target link). For links, please indicate the approximate download speed.

Next, please sign in to your account, download this file and record the download speed.

Then, please download these files (individually) and record the download speed data:
1. file
2. file
3. file
4. file

The test scenario needs to be done while you are experiencing the problem and on the same device.

Free downloads are slow. Where is the promised 300 kB/s?

The quoted speed of 300 kB/s is the maximum possible, but is not guaranteed. Free download speeds may be limited according to the current load on individual servers. On the other hand, Fast download for data or within the FUP for logged-in users has no restrictions.

How does the "Add to Disk" action work?

With the Ulož.to Disk plans, you automatically get unlimited download speed of all your files for free. The "Add to Disk" action allows you to move any public file among your own files. Data is charged for adding a file to Disk in the same way as for Fast Download.

Can I download from the command line, for example via a NAS device?

Yes, for accounts of logged in users this is possible, the download command is as follows:

curl --connect-timeout 60 -O -L --basic --user username:token ''

You just need to replace the 'username' value with your account login, the 'token' is obtained in Settings and the required URL is a link to the file.

I want to automatically download files to my computer "remotely". How to do it?

The best option for automatic file downloads is, of course, Ulož.to Disk Sync for Windows.

Alternatively, for example, the desktop application Ulož.to File Manager offers the option of Automatic File Download. To enable this feature, open the File Manager app, select "Tools" - "Settings" in the top menu, and then enable "Auto Download" under the "Downloads" option.

Any files you now add to your Favorites on any device will automatically start downloading to the folder on your computer. You can download files "remotely", for example, even those tagged from the mobile app. For this to work properly, you need to have enough data in your account, the File Manager app running, your computer connected to the internet, and enough storage space on your disc.

If you move or delete files downloaded in this way after downloading them on your computer, they will be downloaded again automatically, in which case the data may be charged again! Therefore, before deleting or moving these files on your computer, first remove them from Favorites on the Ulož.to Disk cloud service.

Why is data required for fast downloading of my own files in some cases?

Data are necessary for fast downloading of your own file in two cases:

  1. The file is located in the Favorites. For Fast Download of Favorite files, data is always required because they are copies of other public files.
  2. You have exceeded your monthly limit for Fast Download of your own files. Each plan has its own monthly limit for transferring your own files. The limit is 10 GB for the FREE plan and 1 TB for the PREMIUM plan and higher. Once you exceed this limit, you can only download your own files through Fast Download using data. The limit for downloading your own files is reset once a month, either on the day of your plan purchase or on the registration day for users with the FREE plan.

In both cases, it is possible to use Slow free downloading from the File detail.

Why can I download some files using Fast Download and for others, data is required?

Fast free downloading is only possible for files shared through a link. If the owner shares a file publicly with everyone or exceeds the monthly data transfer limit, data is always required for Fast Download of the shared files. In both cases, it is possible to download the file for free, with limited speed, from its detail.


How do I upload a file as private? What exactly is a private file?

A private file is one that can only be accessed from your user account. Other users will not see it and cannot download or stream it.

A user account login is required to upload private files. Once you are logged in to Ulož.to Disk, the option to set a file as private will be displayed during the upload process or at any time under My Files or on File detail.

How big a file can I upload to Ulož.to Disk?

There is no limit to the maximum size of the uploaded file on the server side. For uploading really large files (10 GB or more), we recommend using API or Ulož.to File Manager with the possibility of resuming broken connections.
Alternatively, it is possible to split large files into several smaller archives (e.g. using WinRAR or WinZIP).

How can I share my folder with friends or clients?

Take advantage of the password-protected folder option, where only users you select who have a link to the folder and know the password can access it. If you add new files (or additional folders) to the folder, the updated folder will be shown to all users with the correct password. How to do it? Log in and select My Files from the menu. Choose New Folder (or use an existing folder). Right-click on the folder and select Properties. The folder's availability must be Via link. Choose a password to access the folder. Once saved, open the folder and copy the link at the top under the folder name and send it to your friends. Be sure to send the password to the folder with the link.

I want to have more comfort when uploading files to Ulož.to. How can I achieve this?

For the most convenient upload of content to Ulož.to Disk, use Ulož.to Disk Sync to sync the folder between your local device and the cloud or Ulož.to FileManager, which also offers automatic upload, management, folder management, the ability to slow down and resume uploads, etc. You can also try using the official upload interface (API).

Uploading files to Ulož.to Disk is slow. Is there anything I can do about it?

Ulož.to does not limit the upload speed, files are uploaded at the maximum speed your internet connection and your browser or app will allow.

My file was moved away from Ulož.to Disk improperly. What can I do about it?

If your file has been moved to and you disagree, you as the owner of the file can request that it be moved back by unchecking the 18+ option on the File detail page.

Your request will then be reviewed by the administrators of the service and approved or rejected according to its legitimacy. You will be informed about the processing of your request in Notifications.

I would like to delete the files I uploaded earlier. How to do it?

When you upload a file without logging in, you will always see a link to download the file and a second link to delete the uploaded data. If you uploaded the file as a logged-in user, you can find and delete it at any time in My Files.

If neither of these options are available to you, please contact our technical support with the URL link to the file (e.g. ) you wish to delete.

How much space is really available on my Ulož.to Disk?

Your space on Ulož.to Disk is not limited, you can upload as many files as you want. However, with the FREE plan, only 50GB of space is guaranteed and files over that limit may be deleted at some point in the future. But if you get one of the paid plans of Ulož.to Disk you get guaranteed volumes of several terabytes (TB) or more.

User administration

How do I get a link to the file? What is a link in the format

What is Dark mode and how can I activate or change it?

As is clear from its name, dark mode adjusts the colors of the UI on the Ulož.to Disk site. Most of the time, the colors are inverted, so instead of black text on white, you'll see light text on a black background. Dark mode saves your eyes because much of the UI will go dark and you won't have as much light shining in your face from your computer or mobile screen. On the web, you can easily turn dark mode off or on - look for the menu in the top right corner and the toggle with the sun and moon icons.

Affiliate programs

What is the correct affiliate link for Linkshare+ and Webmaster+?

What is Greenmania?

Greenmania is a game that caresses the soul. It is a relaxing activity to raise ecological awareness of the importance of water in the landscape in times of global climate change. The game works with the principle of mindfulness, a non-performance oriented environment - no mistakes can be made when growing flowers, the user is not stressed by time pressure as in competitive games. Resource additions, in the current version only water so far, are transparently announced to users by email, which non-violently encourages users to return to the service. The graphic design is inspired by nature and organic architecture, which, together with the appropriate anthropomorphisation of flowers, creates a sense of well-being and a peaceful garden environment in the much over-technologised world of the internet. An educational element is present in the Latin names of the flowers, including a link to the free encyclopaedia Wikipedia, where curious users can find out a lot of information about each particular flower.


Is there any way I can sync files between my computer and the Ulož.to Disk cloud?

Yes. You can do so using our app Ulož.to Disk Sync for Windows, which will automatically sync files between one folder on your computer and the Ulož.to Disk cloud, one way, the other, or both, depending on how you set it up.

Smart TV

How do I run Ulož.to Disk on Smart TV?

Please first check that your Smart TV is connected to the internet. In the apps, look for the Web browser / Internet browser icon (on Samsung Smart TVs, you can access the apps by pressing the Smart hub button on the remote control - the cube-shaped button). In the browser, activate the address bar, enter the internet address and confirm. It is not possible to download files on the Smart TV. However, you can view pictures and watch videos. To view longer videos, you need to be logged in as a user with a paid plan or Data Package.

It's totally unusable, instead of video, ads are randomly showing up! What to do?

We recommend to activate a special TV mode, which should improve usability on smart TVs significantly.

How do I navigate Ulož.to Disk web service on my Smart TV?

The Smart TV web browser allows two modes of web movement, the Pointer cursor mode and the Tab mode, where you move around using the tabs. However, the Tab mode options are limited. Therefore, we recommend using the Pointer (cursor) mode. Switching is possible in the browser settings on your smart TV.

The video from Ulož.to Disk on my TV is not full screen or the image is distorted. How to fix it?

If you don't see the correct picture format on your TV when watching content from Ulož.to Disk, you can change it. Press the Format (Settings) button on the TV remote control and select Picture format. And select Fit to screen. The label may vary slightly from one TV manufacturer to another.

Some types of files won't work on my smart TV. How should I proceed?

It is probably an unsupported video format on current device. Try updating to the latest version and check your Smart TV manual.

Ulož.to Disk is not working properly on my Samsung Smart TV, what should I do?

Unfortunately, web browsers on Tizen OS 3.0 or older are way too old to work properly, as they utilise web browser from 2015. On Tizen OS is, for good user experience with Ulož.to Disk, required at least browser from the end of year 2016, which means Tizen OS version 4.0 or later. Tizen OS does not allow installation of alternative web browser. Always try to update your Smart TV to the latest firmware version.
If it will not help (very probably not, as Samsung's update policy is very passive), you can - besides of buying newer Smart TV, try following:

  1. Buy external streaming device, such as Roku, Fire TV, Google Chromecast etc.
  2. Connect your PC (via HDMI, for example) or game console (Xbox, PlayStation) and send data to your TV through it.
  3. Buy some cheap miniPC and connect it to your TV solely for this purpose.
  4. Try so called Screen Mirroring from your desktop, laptop or smartphone (via Bluetooth or WiFi).

Older Smart TVs (it is important which version of OS Tizen is the device running, not when it was manufactured or bought) will not work with Ulož.to Disk correctly.

Trash for files

What is Trash and how to use it?

Trash is used for logged users and all the deleted files ends there. The Trash is determined to save files deleted by mistake or files which were not used for a long time. Deleted files can see only their owner and no one else gets to them. For 30 days, files from the Trash can be restored, downloaded or deleted permanently. After the expiration date, the files are permanently deleted automatically.

How do I recover deleted file from Trash?

If you accidentally delete a file, don´t worry, you have several options to recover it from the Trash:

  1. On the page with File detail - by selecting Restore
  2. In the Trash - for each file there is a menu with actions Restore and Delete permanently
  3. With the "Restore all" button in the Trash - a convenient option for bulk file recovery

Files from Trash will restore to their original location, folder and availability. Trash is available for logged-in users.

Why is my file in Trash?

  1. You deleted the file - it can be restored from the Trash with a single click
  2. Put the file in the Trash automatically - files that have not been used for a very long time can be automatically moved to the Trash
  3. If this happens, we will notify you and you can still restore the files from the Trash. Files will remain in the Trash for 30 days and then be automatically removed from the Trash.

Reporting files

I have come across an "inappropriate or dangerous" file. What should I do?

We manage many tens of millions of files today, and of course, in such a large number of files, errors sometimes creep in. But with your help, we can fix it!

You can report an inappropriate file to us by clicking on the flag icon, which can always be found on the bottom right of the file preview or icon. The report will go to our administrators who will review the file and deal with it appropriately. Thank you.

Troubles with files

Why cannot I extract the archive after downloading?

Windows - We recommend using WinRAR or 7-Zip
macOS - We recommend using The Unarchiver or Keka
Android - We recommend using B1 Archiver or RAR
iOS / iPadOS - We do not recommend downloading archives on these platforms at all, as they are quite complicated to unzip and use.

Why does online streaming stutter, have poor quality or lack the expected subtitles or audio tracks?

The best solution to all these and similar problems is to download the original file and try to open it with the latest version of VLC, which is available for most operating systems.
For online streaming, usually only automatic conversion of the original file is available, which may introduce various errors, limitations, or omissions of problem tracks (surround sound, subtitles, multiple languages, etc.).

Why cannot I play the downloaded video file?

A good solution to such problems is to try to open it with the latest version of VLC, which is available for most operating systems.

Why cannot I play the downloaded audio file?

A good solution to such problems is to try to open it with the latest version of VLC, which is available for most operating systems.

Why does not online streaming via Chromecast/AppleTV/Roku show subtitles?

Streaming in a web environment uses WebVTT format subtitles, which appear as plain text over the playing video.
But unfortunately, the streaming devices named above can only stream the video itself and ignore the subtitles of this format entirely.

Didn't find the answer to your question? Write to us using the Contact form.