Ulož.to Disk(beta) - desktop application

The application is used to synchronize a folder on your local storage with the Ulož.to cloud storage. The app is currently only offered for the modern 64-bit Windows platform, but will be expanded to other operating systems in the future.

Version history

Version 1.1.0 released 31. 05. 2023

  • The application also supports users with FREE plan.
  • Simplified auto-update mechanism.
  • More information about ongoing Sync.
  • New tab showing files with sync exceptions.
  • Change system notifications and UX settings.
  • Fixes app crashes and looping.
  • Fixed app access to some folders.

Version 1.0.5 released 13. 12. 2022

  • Added limited support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems.
  • Solved problems with special characters in the folder name.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Security fixes.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Who is the Ulož.to Disk desktop application for?

The desktop application is intended for all registered users with Windows OS.

I keep getting the "Account is without Disk" message. What can I do about it?

You probably have an older version of the app. Check if an update is available. If you can't update the app automatically, you can update it manually.

How do I install the app and set it up correctly?

1. Click Download App to download the installation file. The file is large, so it may take a while to download. After launching, a Windows security window will open, where you can click Yes to accept the installation. You may also get a notification from your antivirus program, so feel free to wait for it to scan, it should be successful.

2. The installer itself will then launch, where you first select your preferred language. Press OK to confirm the selection.

3. Click Install to start the installation.

4. After a few seconds, the installation should complete.

5. Once the installation is complete, the application will open automatically. You will repeat the same procedure if you are only updating the application.

6. For proper functioning of the application you need to have an active Ulož.to Disk account. If you don't have one, first create one.

7. Enter username in the login window and password and then press Sign in.

8. Next, choose which folder you want to sync from your local device and which folder in the cloud to store the files in. When you select a new folder, your device name is pre-filled and can be changed. Always confirm your selection with the Confirm button.

9. An important step is to choose a Sync Mode. Bidirectional mode will always synchronize the selected folder on your computer with the folder in Ulož.to Disk. If a change occurs in one of these folders, the application will ensure that the change is reflected in the other folder. Choosing from device to cloud or from the cloud to the device will ensure that files from the source folder go to the destination folder, but will not notice other files in the destination folder. All files uploaded by the app to the cloud are set to private.

10. To start the sync, use the Save and Start button in the bottom right corner of the screen. This step is very important because you would lose the settings you have just made if, for example, you switched to another tab or closed the app without saving your selections.

11. Click the Synchronization panel to monitor the synchronization progress, pause or restart the process.

12. The application will continue on in the background. The synchronization can take several hours, depending on how much data is synced and the speed of your connection.

How do I know when the sync has finished?

In the Sync tab you will see the status of your files, where the app can show you a total of 3 statuses. An "Unknown" state can occur if the app has never run before or the last successful run was a long time ago. "Incomplete" state means that some files are still scheduled to be transferred to the cloud or local device. "Synchronous" status indicates that the status of the files is fully synchronous.

How can I update the app?

You can update the app easily. Just check the top right corner to see if there is an update available. If there is, click on it and the app will automatically update in a few steps. If it doesn't, a window will pop up to download the installer. Keep in mind that this is a large file and may take several minutes to download, so be patient. The update process itself is identical to the initial application installation process.

What operating systems are supported?

Currently only modern 64-bit with operating systems Windows 7 and above are supported. There are also plans to port the app to other operating systems in 2023.

Do empty folders sync as well?

Unfortunately, currently the app only fully supports syncing folders that have some files in them.

Why did the app change the name of my folder or my file?

Apparently the name contained special characters that either the cloud or your file system can't handle, such as certain emoticons. We recommend avoiding these characters. Another case could be if you had multiple files with identical names in a single folder in the cloud, for example, which your local file system definitely does not support.

Apparently I'm stuck on an app. How can I fix it?

If the app is stuck and not responding to any of your clicks or doing strange things, we recommend you try these steps:

  1. Restart the entire operating system
  2. Reinstall the app
  3. Uninstall the app, including deleting the user settings, and reinstall and set it up again. You can uninstall the application in Windows settings under "Applications and Features". In the window that opens, find the Uloz.to Disk application. Click on it and select the "Uninstall" option. Next, confirm the uninstallation. Once you agree, the application window will open. First, confirm with "Yes" that you want to remove the application. Next, select the "Next" option. In the upper right corner, the "Delete user data" button will appear. Please always keep this button checked. Click on the "Uninstall" button to invoke the uninstallation process. Once finished, the application will close itself.
  4. Make sure you have the correct time synchronised in your operating system settings.

Always do just one step and try again. By following these steps, you won't lose your data on your device or in the cloud.

Can I download a file that is not mine?

Yes. If you are a user with a Disk PREMIUM plan or a purchased Data Pack, then just copy the file to your Favorites on the web or mobile app. Then the app can work with the file in the normal way, and if you have your Favorites folder set to sync from the cloud to your local device, such a file will automatically be saved to your computer (with data subtracted based on its size). If you are a user who only has a FREE plan without a purchased Data Pack, then you do not have this option. Only your own (uploaded) files will be synchronized and files in your Favorites folder will not.

Can I sync between multiple devices simultaneously?

Unfortunately, no. If you are running bi-directional sync, sync only works correctly on one device. For multiple devices, we recommend using combined one-way sync, where one device writes files to the cloud and the other devices only download files from the cloud.